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What should we be worried about? : real scenarios that keep scientists up at night / John Brockman
First edition
New York, NY : Harper Perennial, [2014]
xxvi, 499 pages ; 21 cm
9780062296238 (pbk.)
006229623X (pbk.)
Posing the question "What should we be worried about?" to one hundred fifty of the world's greatest minds, this collection of responses reveals what about the present or the future worries each of them the most
Bibliography, etc. note:
Includes bibliographical references (pages 479-480) and index
The real risk factors for war / Steven Pinker
MADness / Vernor Vinge
We are in denial about catastrophic risks / Martin Rees
Living without the Internet for a couple of weeks / Daniel C. Dennett
Safe mode for the Internet / George Dyson
The fragility of complex systems / Randolph Nesse
A synthetic world / Seirian Sumner
What is conscious? / Timo Hannay
Will there be a singularity within our lifetime? / Max Tegmark
"The singularity" : there's no there there / Bruce Sterling
Capture / Charles Seife
The triumph of the virtual / Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi
The patience deficit / Nicholas G. Carr
The teenage brain / Sarah-Jayne Blakemore
Who's afraid of the big bad words? / Benjamin Bergen
The contest between engineers and druids / Paul Saffo
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The stifling of technological progress / David Pizarro
The rise of anti-intellectualism and the end of progress / Tim O'Reilly
Armageddon / Timothy Taylor
Superstition / Matt Ridley
Rats in a spherical trap / Gregory Benford
The danger from aliens / Seth Shostak
Augmented reality / William Poundstone
Too much coupling / Steven Strogatz
Homogenization of the human experience / Scott Atran
Are we homogenizing the global view of a normal mind? / P. Murali Doraiswamy
Social media : the more together, the more alone / Marcel Kinsbourne
Internet drivel / David Gelernter
Objects of desire / Sherry Turkle
Incompetent systems / John Naughton
Democracy is like the appendix / Dylan Evans
The is-ought fallacy of science and morality / Michael Shermer
What is a good life? / David Christian
A world without growth? / Satyajit Das
Human population, prosperity growth : one I fear, one I don't / Laurence C. Smith
The underpopulation bomb / Kevin Kelly
The loss of lust / Tor Nørretranders
Not enough robots / Rodney A. Brooks ; That we won't make use of the error catastrophe threshold / William McEwan
A fearful asymmetry : the worrying world of a would-be science / Helena Cronin
Misplaced worries / Dan Sperber
There is nothing to worry about, and there never was / Virginia Heffernan
Worries on the mystery of worry / Donald D. Hoffman
The disconnect / Barbara Strauch
Science by (social) media / Michael I. Norton
Unfriendly physics, monsters from the id, and self-organizing collective delusions / John Tooby
Myths about men / Helen Fisher
The mating wars / David M. Buss
We don't do politics / Brian Eno
The black hole of finance / Seth Lloyd
The opinions of search engines / W. Daniel Hillis
Technology-generated fascism / David Bodanis
Magic / Neil Gershenfeld
Data disenfranchisement / David Rowan
Big experiments won't happen / Lisa Randall
The nightmare scenario for fundamental physics / Peter Woit
No surprises from the LHC : no worries for theoretical physics / Amanda Fefter
Crisis at the foundations of physics / Steve Giddings
The end of fundamental science? / Mario Livio
Quantum mechanics / Lee Smolin
One universe / Lawrence M. Krauss
The dangerous fascination of imagination / Carlo Rovelli
me worry? / J. Craig Venter
Our increased medical know-how / Esther Dyson
The promise of catharsis / Andrian Kreye
I've given up worrying / Terry Gilliam
Our blind spots / Daniel Goleman
The anthropocebo effect / Jennifer Jacquet
The relative obscurity of the writing of Édouard Glissant / Hans Ulrich Obrist
The danger of inadvertently praising zygomatic arches / Robert Sapolsky
The belief or lack of belief in free will is not a scientific matter / Howard Gardner
Natural death / Antony Garrett Lisi
The loss of death / Kate Jeffery
Global graying / David Berreby
All the T in China / Robert Kurzban
Technology may endanger democracy / Haim Harari
The fourth culture / Bruce Parker

Classic social sciences' failure to understand "modern" states shaped by crime / Eduardo Salcedo-Albarán
Is the new public sphere ... public? / Andrew Lih
Blown opportunities / Frank Wilczek
The power of bad incentives / Sam Harris
Science publishing / Marco Iacoboni
Excellence / Eric R. Weinstein
Unmitigated arrogance / Jessica L. Tracy
The decline of the scientific hero / Roger Highfield
Authoritarian submission / Michael Vassar
Are we becoming too connected? / Gino Segre
Stress / Ariana Huffington
Putting our anxieties to work / Joseph LeDoux
Science has not brought us close to understanding cancer / Xeni Jardin
Society's parlous inability to reason about uncertainty / Aubrey De Grey
The rise in genomic instability / Eric J. Topol, M.D.
Current sequencing strategies ignore the role of microorganisms in cancer / Azra Raza, M.D.
The failure of genomics for mental disorders / Terrence J. Sejnowski
Exaggerated expectations / Stuart Firestein
Losing our hands / Susan Backmore
Losing touch / Christine Finn
The human/nature divide / Scott Sampson
Power and the Internet / Bruce Schneier
Close to the Edge / Kai Krause
The paradox of material progress / Rolf Dobelli
Close observation and description / Ursula Martin
Impact / Bruce Hood
The complex, consequential, not-so-easy decisions about our water resources / Giulio Boccaletti
Children of Newton and modernity / Stuart A. Kauffman
Where did you get that fact? / Victoria Stodden
Is idiocracy looming? / Douglas T. Kenrick
The disconnect between news and understanding / Gavin Schmidt
Super-AIs won't rule the world (unless they get culture first) / Andy Clark
Posthuman geography / David Dalrymple
Being told that our destiny is among the stars / Ed Regis
Communities of fate / Margaret Levi
Working with others / Stephen M. Kosslyn and Robin S. Rosenberg
Global cooperation is failing and we don't know why / Daniel Haun
The behavior of normal people / Karl Sabbagh
Metaworry / Brian Knutson
Morbid anxiety / Joel Gold
The loss of our collective cognition and awareness / Douglas Rushkoff
Worrying about children / Alison Gopnik
The death of mathematics / Keith Devlin
Should we worry about being unable to understand everything? / Clifford Pickover
The demise of the scholar / Daniel L. Everett
Science is in danger of becoming the enemy of humankind / Colin Tudge
Illusions of understanding and the loss of intellectual humility / Tania Lombrozo
The end of hardship inoculation / Adam Alter
Internet silos / Larry Sanger
The new age of anxiety / Gary Klein
Does the human species have the will to survive? / Dave Winer
Neural data privacy rights / Melanie Swan
Can they read my brain? / Stanislas Dehaene
Losing completeness / Anton Zeilinger
C. P. Snow's two cultures and the nature-nurture debate / Simon Baron-Cohen
The unavoidable intrusion of sociopolitical forces into science / Nicholas A. Christakis
The growing gap between the scientific elite and the vast "scientifically challenged" majority / Leo M. Chalupa
Present-ism / Noga Arikha
Do we understand the dynamics of our emerging global culture? / Kirsten Bomblies
We worry too much about fictional violence / Jonathan Gottschall
A world of cascading crises / Peter Schwartz
Who gets to play in the science ballpark / Stephon H. Alexander
An exploding number of new illegal drugs / Thomas Metzinger
History and contingency / Paul Kedrosky
Unknown unknowns / Gary Marcus
Digital tats / Juan Enriquez
Fast knowledge / Nicholas Humphrey
Systematic thinking about how we package our worries / Mary Catherine Bateson
Worrying about stupid / Roger Schank
The cultural and cognitive consequences of electronics / Luca De Biase
What we learn from firefighters : how fat are the fat tails? / Nassim Nicholas Taleb
Lamplight probabilities / Bart Kosko
The world as we know it / Richard Foreman
the modern passion / James J. O'Donnell
The gift of worry / Robert Provine
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